All about the Triangles!

The techniques of goaltending & the skills involved in coaching it have grown, evolved & been influenced by many over the decades to a point where it is truly now a position of millimetre precision.

Over the years I have honed, tried, tested & re-thought all areas of the position to a point where I know it unlike any other area of my life, such is the detail I like to work in to help goaltenders develop their skills.

Over the years I have developed The Triangle Theory which I believe is the simplest, most effective way of helping goalies young & old to understand the basics of a good goaltending stance & ensure that their movement comes from a stable, powerful position which will then help with all other more complex movements.

The Base Triangle
The triangle shape formed by both feet & the stick blade in contact with the ice surface if the goalie looks down at the ice. An equilateral triangle shape is formed when in a good goaltending stance for most goaltenders.

The Platform Triangle
The triangle shape formed between the feet, up the shins to a point at the front of the shorts as a coach looks at the goaltender from the front or that the goalie can see with the use of a mirror or video footage.

The Visual Triangle
The triangle between the centre point of a goalies vision (the eyes) & the hands of the goalie when looked at from the front by a coach or as viewed in a mirror or on video by the goaltender.

With these 3 basic triangles controlled properly by the goaltender in a good stance it is now possible for better movement, save selection & recovery to take place. That & the fact that from a young age triangles are a familiar & understandable shape make the use of this technique in all levels of goaltending extremely valuable.

3 triangles